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Dear SSI,

We would like to take this moment to thank you for participating in the 8th annual Mosaïq Multicultural Festival; your professionalism and hard work were greatly appreciated by all. Positive feedback from all those involved confirms that a great time was had by all who attended. Your presence was essential to the integrity of this event and is greatly appreciated.

We hope to maintain our relationship with your company for the coming years as we continue to grow this event. Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss any thoughts or feedback from this year's festival.

The 2012 Mosaïq Multicultural Festival organizing team

Cher SSI,

Nous aimerions prendre ce moment afin de vous remerciez pour votre participation à la 8e édition du Festival multiculturel Mosaïq; votre travail et votre professionnalisme ont été très appréciés par toute l'équipe ainsi que par nos partisans. Votre présence est essentielle au succès et au développement de l'événement et fut très apprécié.

Nous souhaitons continuer notre relation avec votre compagnie au sein des prochaines années pendant que nous développons davantage l'ampleur de cet événement communautaire. SVP n'hésitez pas de nous contacter afin de nous soumettre vos pensées et commentaires concernant le festival cette année.

L'équipe du festival multiculturel Mosaïq 2012

To everyone at SSI Audio;

Thanks so much for the excellent service and great sound solution. The equipment was of great quality and was easy to use and set up-the knowledgeable and friendly staff outstanding.

The trip to Moncton to pick up the equipment was well worth the extra time when I considered the cost and lack of friendly help of other places I checked. After speaking with and exchanging a few emails I felt I had an effective solution to my sound requirements.

The sound provided by your equipment was perfect for both the outdoor wedding ceremony and the indoor reception later. While my wife and I were concerned about how we would take care of our sound requirements ourselves, everything turned out wonderfully.

Thank you very much.
Phillip Boyd
G3 Indiv Trg - LFCA HQ

The Moncton Lions building we are currently; in was built in 1979.

Groups from all over use our facility for many different functions but they are mainly from the greater Moncton area.

We as Lions use our building mainly for fund raising projects for the community. Other groups will rent our building for many different functions and projects(weddings, group meetings, boxing events, company parties,chartered accountants hold their exams here 5 or 6 times a year. Our building is 90 ft by 120ft so it can be used for any event that can fit in here as we have a seating capacity of over 600.

Before SSI installed our acoustic panels and audio system we were loosing a lot of rentals because of the terrible acoustics in the building. Since this work was done we have an enormous increase in rentals here. There were events where you could not make out the speaker at all, causing people to complain and as you know this kind of word gets around. Since the new system was installed we have had a lot of praise for our facility and as you also know good news travels fast bringing us a lot of new rentals in to our building. If we had not made these changes I am affraid we would of been looking at selling our building.

Brian Kingston
Rentals Chairman
Moncton Lions Club
55 Mark Avenue
Moncton N.B. E1C 7G8

Just a quick word of thanks to Ben for his excellent work at our show last night at the Monument Lefebvre. We have worked with any number of sound people over years since trio carte blanche began and last night was among the very best. Easy to work with at soundcheck, excellent monitors and complete confidence that the house sound was excellent as well. Well done!

cc Claude Boudreau, Monument Lefevre

Pierre Battah - trio Carte Blanche


The band wanted to extend their thanks for a job well done last night. In the dressing room after the show the guys were commenting on how well the monitor mix worked and the rarity of that type of thing happening on a one off , so once again Thank You and please let the guys know how much we appreciated their hard work.

Brad Fox - Fox Technologies

Show info:
ABSDA at Moncton Colesium - Rawlins Cross
Feb 25, 2010

I want to personally thank you for your help with the benefit concert. I am still amazed at how smoothly it all went. You did a great job with the sound, I was really pleased. Most of the artist emailed me to tell me how impressed they were with the sound and how the concert was run. It was fun working with you and I hope we have the opportunitiy to work together again sometime. It looks like we raised just under $6000 for Haiti. Fantastic!!!

Thank you so much,
Loren Lewis

I'll like to thank you guys for all you did for us ,all our team appreciate your job.

If you can say thank you to Jérémy,Kevin and Ashley for the great day, it will be very appreciate.

Thanks for everythings Lee and Ben.

I hope we'll work together again

Stéphan Bayard
D.T Patsy Gallant
Oct 24, 2009

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