Green Initiatives

SSI Audio is an environmentally conscious company that recognizes the importance of preserving natural resources.

We invite you to not only understand our commitment to the environment but to join us in "Going Green".

GREEN Commitment

SSI Audio has taken the initiative by combining current innovations in environmental technology and applying them to our everyday business activities whenever possible.

GREEN Environment

SSI Audio believes a "GREEN" environment is an environment that eliminates health hazards and minimizes the impact on our natural resources. For a sustainable environment in the home and office space, SSI Audio promotes using resources to their fullest potential and reducing unnecessary waste.

GREEN Energy

SSI Audio actively conserves energy through technology and innovation. Our production department currently uses LED lighting technology replacing traditional and power hungry incandescent/halogen par cans. We also use high efficiency loudspeaker technology. The efficiency of the loudspeakers allows us to use lower amounts of power to drive them and still have high fidelity sound at high volumes.

Our building is being outfitted with motion activated light switches and programmable thermostats to save electricity.

GREEN Recycling

SSI Audio realizes that sorting and recycling our waste will reduce the amount of waste in local landfills. We no longer use a dumpster for our waste. We separate our waste and place it at the curb for pick up. Our cardboard, paper, and drink container waste is also dealt with separately. Paper, cardboard and drink containers are collected and sent to local recycling locations. Our associated transit case company, Hardshell Custom Cases Ltd., sorts all waste as well. Any aluminum and steel scrap is taken to the local recycling business. J&B Metals is a great local recycling company. If you are not sure where to take your scrap metal, cardboard and drink containers, J&B is a great place.

GREEN Thinking

You can help the environment by thinking green at all times. When you go shopping, think about where the product comes from and where its parts are made. If you buy locally manufactured products you save the fuel used to transport/import product that is manufactured away.

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